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Preaching and Sexuality: Marriage is for More than Two by Joseph Rosas III
Preaching and Homosexuality: Taking the Road Less Traveled by Tim Wilkins
Is There any  Word from the Lord? by Robert Smith
Challenges for 21-st Century Preaching by D.A. Carson
Preaching in a Changing Culture: Interview with Ron Martoia by Michael Duduit

In Ministry
Developing a Vision for Emerging Generations by Jay Strother
What Role Does Preaching Play in the Capital Campaign? by Doug Turner
When Do We Build? by Michael Duduit

Husbands, Love Your Wives, Part Three of a Series, ‘Family Business’ (Ephesians 5:25-33) by Stuart Briscoe
Sexual Immorality: Beyond Body Parts & Nerve Endings (1 Corinthians 6:12-20) by John A. Huffman Jr.
Citizens of Another Kingdom (Matthew 13:31-33, Matthew 13:44-52) by Wayne Brouwer

From the Lectionary
—   Proper 9 July 6, 2008
Who is Jesus? (Matthew 11:16-19, Matthew 11:25-30)
—   Proper 10 July 13, 2008
Heavenly Harvest: Joining Jesus’ Family (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23)
— Proper 11 July 20, 2008
Waiting for the Long Haul (Matthew 13:24-30, Matthew 13:36-43)
— Proper 12 July 27, 2008
What Goes Around, Comes Around (Genesis 29:15-28)
 Proper 13 August 3, 2008
The Battle You Can’t Win (Genesis 32:22-31)
— Proper 14 August 10, 2008
If God Be for Us, Who Can Be Against Us? (Genesis 37:1-4, Genesis 37:12-28)
— Proper 15 August 17, 2008
Overcoming Bitterness (Genesis 45:1-15)
— Proper 16 August 24, 2008
The Church Christ Built (Matthew 16:13-20)
— Proper 17 August 31, 2008
When God Calls (Exodus 3:1-15)

TO ILLUSTRATE by Michael Shannon

The Preacher’s Bookshelf
Getting into Character: The Art of First-Person Narrative Preaching
The Suburban Church: Practical Advice for Authentic Ministry
Vintage Jesus
Ancient-Future Worship

Past Masters
William E. Sangster: In the Wake of the Wesleys by David L. Larsen

Back Page Pulpit
For a Few Rupees More
 by Michael Duduit

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