Whether you’re working on a series to strengthen the life of your congregation or writing a sermon for a special event, there’s a plethora of electronic resources from which to draw fresh material. The question is, “Where to start?” The answer to that depends on the kinds of resources you need.
WORDsearch offers one of the most comprehensive places to start. One of the most widely-used Bible study software packages, the strength of WORDsearch is the large library of books and resources available-an amazing variety of products and services to enhance any
pastor’s library and skill set. The latest WORDsearch software packages feature 40 Bible translation and more than 1,000 biblical reference works.
Add-on products include Bibles; commentaries; devotionals; dictionaries and encyclopedias; maps and atlases; outlines; sermon helps, such as homiletics; and literature on specific topics, including apologetics, biographies, counseling, evangelism and church growth, and more.
WORDsearchbible.com also offers technical support, visual media components, online training and an online Bible library, which features seven Bible translations, two dictionaries, the Matthew Henry Commentary and more.
Along with WORDsearch, two other major Bible software options are Biblesoft and Logos.
Biblesoft offers search capabilities of many Bible translations and reference works in your study library for words or phrases; allows you to explore Bible topics through thousands of articles, cross-references and outlines; provides audio support and provides in-depth explanations of Hebrew and Greek terminology; and gives you the tools you need to study more efficiently. Visit Biblesoft.com for add-ons, PC Bible upgrades, and Web specials.
Logos may be the most-widely known Bible software system. The Logos system is built on the Libronix platform, allowing access to many additional resources. Logos is particularly strong in helping with exegetical study of a passage. One unique feature offered at Logos.com is product arrangement by price, as well as listings of top products. Also available are Bibles, commentary sets, Bible dictionaries, theology and doctrine materials, biblical archeology, Hebrew and Greek tools and add-in modules, as well as downloadable books under $5, $10 and $20 or sorted by publisher. Logos also offers tutorial videos, training articles and online support.
If you’re already receiving Preaching magazine, you may or may not be familiar with our companion Web site, Preaching.com. Resources on our site not only include archived sermons, sermon illustrations and PreachingNOW newsletters, but the Preaching Online feature, located in the top left corner on the homepage, is updated daily throughout the week.
We also offer weekly and monthly updated audio and video podcasts from prominent ministers and well-known authors, features and ministry articles from your contemporaries, and classic messages, encouragement and counsel from past “masters,” who have left indelible impressions as faithful servants. Under the Events section on the site, you’ll find information on upcoming training and conference events, such as the National Conference on Preaching.
Also on Preaching.com, you’ll find Bible study tools, which is a direct link to Bible.Christianity.com, where you’ll be able to do your own personal study of Scripture, choose the version of your preference, mark (flag) your online Bible, add parallel Scripture references, find online studies and read featured articles by people such as John Piper, and access sermon helps that tie back into Preaching.com and SermonSearch.com. Other sites featuring Bible study tools are Crosswalk.com, Lightsource.com and Oneplace.com.
In addition to allowing you to conduct searches for sermons by term(s) or author and sort by relevance, SermonSearch.com also features its top seven downloads, a rotating featured sermon, an area where you can “meet” the contributors, Points to Ponder, and ties back into the
aforementioned Bible study tools.
Crosswalk.com offers much in the way of study, including an extensive array of Bible translations and online commentaries. Also under the Pastor & Leadership channel, you’ll find helpful articles pertaining to the issues ministers face, as well as discussions on matters ranging from connecting with fellow ministry professionals to how to prepare a sermon.
Similar to SermonSearch.com, Sermoncentral.com allows site visitors to search sermons according to keywords, Scripture references, dates and pre-sorted topics. The site-operated by the same organization that publishes Outreach magazine-offers more than 140,000 free sermons, illustrations, dramas and PowerPoint presentations by more than 6,000 contributors, as well as provides a listing of the most-viewed sermons, most-read newsletters and most-watched video illustrations.
Finally, pastors will find the Internet to be an access point to an amazing array of biblical and theological resource sites, with something to suit virtually any theological approach. For example, Monergism.com is a unique Web site offering an abundance of resources pertaining to biblical, covenant and reformed theology; commentaries, sermons by text, MP3 library; articles on the Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the attributes of God, bondage versus free will, doctrines of grace, regeneration and justification.
Under the section titled Study Desk is an online study Bible, historic creeds and confessions, and Bible research tools-including information on the history of the canon, texts and versions of Scripture. On the site, you’ll also find links to blogs, online ministries and top 10 lists, including one for sermons. However, MP3 sermons also are searchable by topic and speaker, and manuscripts are arranged by Scripture text and author. A wide assortment of books arranged by category, bestselling and publisher also are available through the site.

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