There’s a wide cast of characters in your group—the sports
aficionado, the class clown, the techy geek, the music lover and a
myriad of others. They have plenty in common, too, such as their
willingness to use their unique differences in the world around them.
They, as do we all, have a profound need to do something with the
person God is calling them to be. They just need experience in order to
find out what it is they are being  called to do.

news: As their leader, you have a wide range of options from
which to choose to help those in your group plug in and reach out. In the
following pages, you’ll find information about a few of the
organizations that can help you determine the right fit for your group
and its members’ capacity to serve.

Does your group need
to stay local; or are your folks ready to venture a little further,
perhaps even globally? Do you have members who like playing with
children, or would they prefer to serve the elderly? No matter what
type of opportunities speak to their hearts, there’s a place for them
to serve. Read on to find out more.

AFC Travel

Amor Ministries

Christ in Youth

Group Workcamps


Moody Publishers

Reach Workcamps

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