Leading Today: Bringing Out the Best in Others

When you build a solid team, you double or triple your effectiveness. When you inspire that team to pursue excellence, reaching for God's best in every endeavor, the ripple effect will last for all eternity. Here's what you as the leader can do to bring out the best in those around you.

Leading Today: The Silent Partners of Success

It's just a bridge in the same way Everest is just a mountain, or Dempsey was just a fighter, or Patton was just a soldier. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's most identifiable landmark, was an engineering marvel. Its construction defied all odds, and oddly enough serves as the perfect model for Christian living.

Leading Today: Search and Rescue

America's rugged mountain peaks are besieged each year by millions of would-be conquerors-modern day wilderness warriors armed with freeze-dried food, sleeping bags, canteens, sunglasses, maps and bug repellent. These hearty survivalists serve as their own pack mules, a virtual mini-mart on two legs.

Leading Today: Managing Well at Home

Eighteen years. In less than two decades, you'll go from being an expectant parent to being an empty nester. In less time than it takes to pay off a mortgage, your kids will graduate from diapers to a diploma. You'll spend 20, 30 or 40 years in leadership roles but only about 18 years raising children in your home. We have to do this right.

3 Reasons You Should Attend a Pastors Conference this Year

You see the brochures come across your desk, you read the email announcements, you hear ministry colleagues talk about a recent one they've attended - they are conferences for pastors and church leaders, and it seems like more are popping up all the time. Yet all too often, you've tossed the brochures in the mail, deleted the emails and ignored the conversations - after all, who has time to go to a conference?

Leading Today: The Power of Praise

Top performers don't work for money alone. They're also motivated by an internal desire to achieve. Workers who are concerned with excellence have an inner source of inspiration. Good leaders recognize these excellence seekers and tap their hidden resources by praising their achievements.

Leading Today: Sound the Alarm

The morning sun finally had begun to defrost the Alaskan landscape. It was a welcome relief after another tough nightand winter. Now it was spring-April 1, 1946, to be exact-and the long wait for a kinder and gentler Mother Nature finally had paid off. Everything, it seemed, was right with the world. All that would soon change.