When Do We Build?

It's exciting for pastors and church leaders to see people coming to Christ on a regular basis through the ministry of their church. It's also a joy to have new people choose to join your church as they move to the area or experience other life changes that call for a new church home. But with growth come challenges: finding additional leaders for classes and programs, dealing with parking stresses, and the big question: when do we build?

Moving Tips for Pastors

For many pastors, moving and transition can become a way of life. Beyond the ministerial issues of church transition, there are many practical issues to consider when uprooting to a new place. Here are some helpful hints as you make your next move: Get a Move on It

Truth-Telling and Church Discipline

Leaders and churches that are committed to speaking the truth in love learn that church discipline is part of the package. If we truly care about people, we will not look the other way while they shipwreck their faith, destroy their lives and run from God. Discipline is not a hammer for crushing the wayward brother or sister. It's a redemptive intervention that calls people to turn back to the Lord, who loves them.

Funding New Facilities

The constant, major challenge for any growing church, whether newly planted or established, is providing adequate facilities with which to do ministry. To address this challenge, you must wrestle with at least three critical questions: What can you afford to build? How will you fund it? How will you spend the money you raise?

Tips for Small Groups

With the dramatic growth of small group ministry in local churches, leaders are scrambling for insights that will help them improve every aspect of groups in their churches - from recruit­ing members to enhancing the teaching that takes place.

5 Common Pitfalls in Church Campaigns

Raising funds for special projects such as new construction, renovation or debt retirement can be a positive and exciting time in the life of a church. Renewal and focus on the real vision of the church sometimes are precipitated by the capital campaign. All too often, however, churches experience problems in the midst of growth.