Modern politics has made the slinging of mud an art form. Millions of media dollars are spent to prove that a political opponent doesn’t have the character to back up policies he or she proposes. Authenticity is a missing ingredient in the quest for political acclaim.

Policy is on the minds of many Americans these days. Promised changes are being offered on a wholesale basis by those who seek elected office. However, some are being offered with the politicians’ fingers crossed behind their backs. In many cases, they know full well they can’t deliver on every promised policy.

Every Christian leader is a policymaker. There are philosophical fences that are built around every organization. Most are stated in print, others are passed along, and some are kept secret until a need arises; but they are the standards of authenticity that keep righteousness in and ungodliness out.

Christian policymakers must be authentic, as well—authentic in the source of their decisions, authentic in the dissemination of their decisions. They must be flexible, yet faithful; firm yet loving. They must be devoted in their praying and delightful in their practice.

Jesus said that out of the heart the mouth speaks. Authentic in heart, authentic in policy: It’s a simple policy with proven results.

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