When you build a solid team, you double or triple your effectiveness. When you inspire that team to pursue excellence, reaching for God’s best in every endeavor, the ripple effect will last for all eternity. Here’s what you as the leader can do to bring out the best in those around you.

Affirm them. People don’t want to be recruited; they want to be loved. Always place the person ahead of the task. That’s what Jesus did. Let people know they are valued, that they are needed, that their efforts will be appreciated. When you love and affirm the people around you, they will be drawn to your leadership. They’ll do their best because they know they matter to you.

Challenge them. Nobody wants to take on a task that seems boring—or worse, meaningless. Offer an inspiring challenge, and the results will be different. When you show people that something is worthwhile, it never will seem too difficult. When they see the importance of what they’re doing, they’ll rise to the challenge. Always connect the dots for them: Show them how what they are doing counts for eternity.

Direct them. Many volunteers become discouraged because they’re left to do a job without guidance. When you enlist others in the mission, always give them direction. Outline the mission for them, the overall goal that is to be reached. Cast a vision for them by painting a word picture of what the result will look like. Define the objectives, clearly providing the critical milestones that must be met. Finally, let them know you are available for consultation or advice.

Reward them. Nothing motivates people quite like accolades. As a leader, it’s up to you to start the ovation. When people achieve, call attention to it. Let them know you’ve noticed; and let others know it, too. Write cards of encouragement and thanks. Send affirming email messages to your achievers. Be quick to offer a word of praise and a pat on the back. Reward results. You’ll get more of them.

When you affirm and challenge others, you inspire them to be the best they can be. When you direct and support them, you ensure they will succeed. When you reward them, you guarantee their success will not be a one-time performance. Let’s give the Lord our best. He deserves it! 

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