In a recent article on leadership styles that trigger peak performance, one of those styles Maxwell cites is to Share in the Big Picture.

“The goal is more important than the role. A team isn’t supposed to be a bunch of people being used as a tool by one individual for his or her own selfish gain. Members of a team must have mutually beneficial shared goals. They must be motivated to work together, not manipulated by someone for individual glory.

“To employ this leadership style, think about a team you are currently part of (preferably one with a big goal). What kind of attitude do team members have about the big picture? Are they team players who desire to do whatever it takes for the team to succeed? Or do they desire to benefit only themselves?

“Begin to foster a team mindset in others by modeling a willingness to serve the big picture rather than yourself. Motivate people by painting the big picture. Publicly honor team play, and give rewards to people who sacrifice for the good of the team.” Learn the other three leadership styles Maxwell suggests.

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