Sometimes the answers blurted out by contestants on the TV game show Family Feud don’t quite make sense. Witness these actual answers given by contestants from past episodes:

  • A number you have to memorize – “7”
  • Name something Red – “My hair”
  • Name a famous cowboy – “Buck Rogers”
  • Name a famous royal – “Queen Latifah”
  • Name a song with moon in the title – “Blue suede moon”
  • Name a famous brother & sister – “Bonnie & Clyde”
  • Name an item of clothing worn by the 3 Musketeers – “A horse”
  • Name something that floats in the bath – “Water”
  • Name something you wear on the beach – “A deckchair”
  • Name something a blind person might use – “A sword”
  • Something you do before going to bed – “Sleep”
  • Something you put on walls – “Roofs”
  • Something in the garden that’s green – “Shed”
  • Name a bird with a long neck – “Naomi Campbell”
  • Name an occupation where you need a torch – “A burglar”
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