Did they include a pitcher of Coke?

The Portland real estate market is sizzling these days, with multiple offers made on many properties, but Donna DiNicola knew how to seal the deal: She included free pizza every month for life.

According to a June 4, 2015, Reuters story, “DiNicola, owner of DiNicola’s Italian Restaurant in southeast Portland, might have been joking when she offered the pizza, but it worked. Her offer for a 900-square-foot house in southeast Portland for her 23-year-old son was accepted.

“It was really a joke,” she said. “I swear to you I did not know that made it into the paperwork.”

Holly Marsh, the seller, thought the pizza promise made the offers stand out.

“Marsh, who has a 5-month-old baby and a son turning 4, said they might just take up that pizza offer for their son’s birthday dinner.”

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