Exposition in a Changing Culture: An Interview with Steve Gaines
By Michael Duduit

Preaching Business
By David Scott

15 Things Young Pastors Should Know About Seniors
By Joe McKeever

Capital Preaching: An Interview with Maurice Watson
By Michael Duduit

The How of Preaching Difficult Narrative Texts
By Rob Plummer

Cana’s Voice – Preaching Through Testimony: Part 2
By Deborah Patterson

Steve Wingfield: Working Toward the Harvest
By Deborah Patterson

4 Characteristics of Biblical Discipleship
By Matt Morris

Christmas Gift Guide 2016


An Ancient Word for the Modern World: Fear Not
Psalm 27:1; Matthew 2:1-12
By Steve Wende

The Waiting is Over
Luke 2:25-35
By Bryant Wright


To Illustrate
By J. Michael Shannon

Leading Today
What’s in a Name?
By Ron Walters

Preaching Points
The Preacher and Worship
By Hershael York

Preacher to Preachers
Pulpit Politics
By R. Leslie Holmes

Sermon Briefs

The Preacher’s Bookshelf
By Michael Duduit

Back Page Pulpit
Preacher Ink
By Michael Duduit

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