Believing Like You Mean It!

All of us have trusted someone with our lives. We may have done so as we boarded an airplane placing our lives in the hands of the pilots. We may have had surgery trusting our lives to a surgical team. Trusting someone with your life is really trusting. Abraham trusted God like he meant it. We see that in these verses. We see that believing like you mean it is trusting God with your life and future. How do we believe like we mean it?

No Surprise!

June 22, 2008 Proper 7 (A) Matthew 10:24-39 If you know a surprise is coming it's not very surprising. When you are tipped off about a surprise birthday party it's not longer a surprise!

Reconciled Blessings

I tell engaged couples that getting married changes life significantly. Once married life will never be the same for them for many reasons! Once you become a believer your life will never be the same again. A believers has peace with God, a redeemed relationship with God. God becomes an active partner in that relationship. When God is active, your life is different forever.

Preaching The Take-Out Sermon

One evening after pulling into the parking lot of a local restaurant I saw a new set of reserved spaces. Close to the main entrance, next to the handicapped spaces were two additional specialized spaces. They were marked with a sign which read, "Parking For Takeout Orders...

Make Your Choice

Proper 19 (B), Sept. 14, 2003 Make Your Choice Mark 8:27-38 I understand heart bypass surgery is classified as elective surgery. Elective? The cardiologist says you need bypass surgery. If you elect not to have surgery you will suffer a heart attack, possibly death. Surgery could bring y

Playing Favorites?

Proper 18 (B), September 7, 2003 Playing Favorites? James 2:1-10 I don't know if you saw it but there was a program on PBS called The Manner House. The idea of the project was to have a group of people live in an English manner house as though it were 1906, the waning years of the gilded age.

How To Avoid Homiletical Whiplash

Perhaps on TV or in a movie you have seen airplanes catapulted from an aircraft carrier. One second the plane is standing still on the deck of the ship. Suddenly the catapult fires hurling the plane from zero t...

Preaching The Tough Ones

The open Bible returned the preacher's confused stare as he read through Judges 19. Head down, staring into the text he pondered his options. It was a good story. Well, most of it was good. He had difficulty wh...