Leading Today: Bringing Out the Best in Others

When you build a solid team, you double or triple your effectiveness. When you inspire that team to pursue excellence, reaching for God's best in every endeavor, the ripple effect will last for all eternity. Here's what you as the leader can do to bring out the best in those around you.

Leading Today: Managing Well at Home

Eighteen years. In less than two decades, you'll go from being an expectant parent to being an empty nester. In less time than it takes to pay off a mortgage, your kids will graduate from diapers to a diploma. You'll spend 20, 30 or 40 years in leadership roles but only about 18 years raising children in your home. We have to do this right.

Leading Today: The Power of Praise

Top performers don't work for money alone. They're also motivated by an internal desire to achieve. Workers who are concerned with excellence have an inner source of inspiration. Good leaders recognize these excellence seekers and tap their hidden resources by praising their achievements.

Leading Today: Organizational Integrity

As captain of your organization's ship, you are responsible to chart the course, recruit the sailors and be ready to man the lifeboats. There's a lot riding on your shoulders-the integrity of your vessel is at stake! Integrity is a direct reflection of yourself. Here are some tips for leading with integrity.

Directing Attention

"I have a vision," one leader announced confidently. Then he frowned. "Or is it a mission? Or a goal? Oh, who cares? God knows what I mean." True, but He may be the only one who does!

The Puppy Principle

If you want to learn to put people first, study the actions and reactions of a puppy. Puppies have the five characteristics that people-first leaders simply must learn to posses.

The Greatest Legacy

If worldly integrity is learned by the example of careless character, we are called to a higher standard. The integrity of a Christian leader speaks louder than a sharp résumé, a handful of brochures or a stack of business cards. Integrity is something that can't be handed to you as you walk across the graduation platform. Integrity comes from within. It's the result of a focused faith, godly choices, right associations and a tenacious commitment to truth.

Building a Winning Team

The next time you see geese flying south, think about the reason they always fly in a "V." Scientists figure that formation adds at least 71 percent to the flight range of the flock. By working together, they accomplish more. That's teamwork. Here are six essential skills for developing your own dream team: