Holiness = Happiness

Holiness = Happiness (April, 2003 POL) Topic: Holiness Author: Robert R. Kopp, Pastor, Bethany Presbyterian Church, Loves Park, IL Title: Holiness = Happiness Text: selected scripture There's a miracle happening in Rockford, Illinois. Women and men who love Jesus are crossing color, class, cul


I'm reminded of the time a fellow confronted Dwight L. Moody and criticized him for the way he evangelized. Moody listened courteously and then asked, "How would you do it?" Disarmed, the man mumbled that he didn't do it. "Well," Moody said, "I prefer the way I do it to the way you don't do it."


I remember the late President of Princeton Theological Seminary and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Dr. James I. McCord, telling the story of two friends at a party. One confessed, "I don't know who I am or where I'm going or what I should be doing." His friend quipped, "Don't worry about it! The Church is going...


Did you hear about the 90-year-old man who married a 25-year-old woman? His son by a previous marriage asked, "Dad, don't you think, um, sex is a little dangerous at your age?" "Well, son," he replied, "if...

Christmas: All I Want for Christmas

This Christmas sermon celebrates the unabashed fun of of the season. All of the fun things and fun times of Christmas remind us that the greatest gift of God Himself was Jesus as our Lord and Savior. That's why we've got all we want for Christmas through Him.