Studying the Word: 2011 Survey of Bibles and Bible Reference

The biggest news in books and Bibles this year has been the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version. Many today fail to recognize the pervasive, worldwide impact this one translation has had as it became the book of the English empire just as that empire spread to the ends of the earth, taking with it the KJV. The publication of this translation is one of the keys being led by it. Quite appropriately several books have been published this year on the King James Version.

2009 Bible and Bible Reference Survey for Preaching

The current economic downturn does not seem to have slowed publication of Bibles and Bible reference materials, though it often has made it more difficult to obtain review copies! I know it has made most people more careful about their purchases, and my aim in this article is to give some explanation about the new resources available so you might be helped in getting the most for your money.