Preaching the Power of the Cross

The message of the power of the Cross was preached by Paul to a congregation very much embroiled in the practical meaning and effects of power. Power and its irresistible influence were thick in the air at Corinth. Powerplays, if you will, were being instigated in Corinth by divisive parties simultaneously following Paul, Peter, Apollos and one who sought to trump them all, the "Christ party."

What God Has Done to Death

"Death be not proud, for thou art not so," wrote John Donne (1572-1631), the great poet and much-quoted pastor of St. Paul's Cathedral. Yet, then as now, even the most memorable words in our language can seem empty and cold. Death seems to terrorize us like a dark specter as it stalks the wounded widow and oppresses the lonely orphan. And lest we face this menace of mankind as if it didn't exist, or as if it had been eradicated from the world, or as if we could stand stoically flint-faced and unmoved by it, we must acknowledge that the Bible does admit its gruesome and inhumane attack on our emotions.