Evangelizing the Church

If you are like me, there may have been a time in your preaching ministry when you thought the gospel was really only for evangelizing unbelievers and did not need to be a part of every sermon on a weekly basis. After all, aren't we to be moving on from the milk of elementary teachings to mature spiritual meat? If we address the basic gospel on a weekly basis, are we not hindering the growth of our people into deeper biblical truths?

Five Things You Need to Know About Preaching Through the Books of Scripture

Many pastors are intimidated by the thought of preaching all the way through an entire book of the Bible. Some fear that congregational excitement will be hard to sustain and that pastor and congregation will get bogged down in an extended series on a single book. Others may want to avoid the stereotype of the tired old expositor relentlessly trudging through questions of grammar and syntactical constructions. Many may even perceive the method as outdated.