A Gift The World Cannot Give

Galatians 5:19-26 Not many months ago I read about a poll that was done by radio listeners and disc jockeys concerning the #1 Rock "N" Roll song of all-time. Since the roots of that kind of music stretch back to the time of my own teen-age years I wondered if my idea about the #1 song of that era would...

The Church Needs Power

Acts 2 It recently came to my attention that there are more than 800 churches in the city of Cleveland, and if you were to consider the whole of Cuyahoga County that number increases to over 1200. Last week while driving along Kinsman Ave. from 55th St. to 154th St. I counted 45 churches along...

A Few Words about Watching

Ezekiel 3: 17-22 and Mark 13: 32-37 If you had asked me two weeks ago to define the word tsunami I would have probably given since humorous response, suggesting that it was either an item on the menu of a Japanese restaurant or a new line of automobiles being produced by the Koreans. Today, ho

A Look at the Elders of Antioch

Acts 13:1-3 From the moment I entered the ministry 33 years ago, I have had the opportunity to work in churches whose very name carried great biblical or historical significance. When I first began, I served at Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. That church was named for the village

The Greatest Gift Ever Given

This Christmas sermon takes aim at the Gospel according to Santa Claus, reminding us that the season is not primarily about gifts given and received. Rather, Christmas is about how the love of God was demonstrated when God gave to us the greatest gift ever given: His only begotten Son.