The Promise of Peace on Earth

What did the angels mean when they spoke of "peace on earth?" In this Christmas sermon, Rev. McMickle shares three characteristics of peace: that it can only come from God, that it cannot be experienced by a single person or by a certain group of persons if, at the same time, it is being denied or withheld from others, and that it must begin with me!

Sharing the Faith with Jerry

The Rev. Jerry Falwell died recently. So, too, did Yolanda King, who was the eldest child of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Falwell was the founder of the movement known as The Moral Majority and one of the originators of that group that is referred to either as "conservative, evangelical Christians" or as "the religious right." Ms. King and her family represented the entirely opposite side of American public and political life. It could be said in truth that Jerry Falwell and Martin Luther King, Jr. spent most of their lives working for a vision of America that would have looked entirely different depending upon which one of them would have prevailed.

Directions for Disciples

In almost every area of human endeavor it is understood and usually expected that people will make every effort to move upward toward higher and higher levels of standing and status in their various activities. In the world of work as well as in our personal financial condition, the desired direction is always upward.

What Is Your Life?

James 4:13-17 The message of James in our text today is one that no person should overlook or disregard. The message in this text is one that, if heeded can alter how we live our lives today and every day for the rest of our lives. I doubt that the lessons I am about to share with you are new i

Living Single In A “Marriage Culture”

Ruth 1:11-22 What was it about life in the Garden of Eden that made it a paradise for those who lived there? How was life in that ancient garden different from life as we know it today? It was, no doubt, a beautiful place in which to live with no slums, no ghettos, no abandoned buildings and no

What Is The Strength Of Your Life?

Philippians 4:1-13 Recently in The New York Times there appeared an article that was both funny and fascinating at the same time. The headline for the story read, With Lenin's Ideas Dead, What to Do With His Body? The story centered on what to do with the body, the physical remains of Vla

Here Comes The Sun

Psalm 130 I want to take you on a journey this morning to an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during World War II. The island is a strategic location for the United States Navy as they fight their way toward Japan, and as a part of that effort the navy is off-loading bombs a