Preacher to Preacher: Why Do We Do It?

If you have been to seminary, you've most likely gone through a three-year, graduate-level course of studies with at least two unfamiliar languages, history, philosophy, hermeneutics, homiletics, counseling and much more. Have you ever thought you could have given the same period of time and almost certainly multiplied your earnings, had more control over your personal life, taken less abuse and probably had more professional respect as a lawyer, physical therapist, dentist or as another type of professional?

Preacher to Preacher: Turkey Tenders and Preaching

Buddy and Clancy love their Turkey Tenders. The packet of those Turkey Tenders explains why that might be: "Turkey Tenders are made from 100 percent turkey breast fillets-the best part of the turkey." I should explain that Buddy and Clancy are two of my favorite grand dogs. They live with our son, Gary, and his wife, Catherine. I will confess there are times when Clancy and Buddy almost persuade me to believe in doggy election! Now, please don't try me for heresy yet.

Preacher to Preacher: We Preach Christ Crucified!

That all too often is the problem for many of the people who hear us preach. As youngsters, we drew crosses-let's face it, drawing a cross is something any child can do. Almost all of us own a cross or have purchased one as a gift for someone we love. So, if I were to ask a Sunday School class how much a cross costs, the answer likely would be that it has to do with the material used, and it could be anywhere from pennies to millions of dollars.

Preacher to Preacher: Selling the Ultimate Intangible

Jesus used the word life (Gk. psuche) in at least two ways. One was to refer to the human soul. This has caused some people mistakenly to conclude Jesus' use of psuche warns only about the loss of salvation. A second look at the Lord's use of psuche, however, forces us to realize that sometimes He also used this word when referring to human physical life.

Preaching to Preacher: Preaching Hope!

In a beat-'em-up world, we are called to be ambassadors of the best news the world is ever going to hear! I've been thinking a lot recently about the preaching life of Jesus, and I have been convicted by the realization that the only people the Lord ever publicly condemned were those who beat up on the people-namely the Scribes and Pharisees.