Faith and Failure

There are many people in Scripture who have failed miserably and been restored and re-commissioned by God. Such people were assigned important tasks in the kingdom of God and achieved great things for God by His grace. It is important to consider the whole notion of 'faith and failure' from a Scriptural perspective and meet the people whose lives (including their mistakes and sins) are recorded for our instruction and edification.

The Place Of Humor In Preaching

The fact that Scripture is silent regarding humor generally -- and more particularly regarding humor in preaching -- should instil humility in anybody who addresses this topic. The old maxim says 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread' so one approaches this subject with a...

Heavenly Harvest

Thankfulness is more than words. According to this Thanksgiving sermon, it is a positive mental attitude, focused on God and grateful for all the benefits that are ours as believers. It is a lifestyle rooted in the disposition of our hearts! Matthew Henry said 'Thanksgiving is good but thanks-living is better.'