A Healthy Church

A Healthy Church (Fourth Sunday of Easter) Acts 2:42-47 Nearly two thousand years after its inception, the church continues to flourish. Throughout the centuries God, in His goodness and grace, has seen fit to pour out His blessings upon His elect. And though the church is

Be Doers Of The Word

Proper 17 (B), August 31, 2003 James 1:21-25 It's 6:30 in the morning. You awake to that most usual and unfriendly of sounds - the buzzing of your alarm clock. You lay there for a minute as reality rescues your mind from the night's dreams. Then, slowly, you sit up, turn your body and rest

Be Strong In The Lord

Proper 16 (B), August 24, 2003 Ephesians 6:10-20 The imagery in our text today carries a special weight considering our present conflict in Iraq. We've watched with great diligence as our country progresses toward victory. We boast an astonishingly well trained military with superior tec