Proper 27 (C): The Big Question

I recently had a conversation with a young self-proclaimed Pluralist. We sat at a small, wrought iron table outside a coffee shop discussing life. He boasted of his ability to think freely about the universe, and he tenaciously opposed the possibility that truth was anything other than relative to the individual.

Will You Believe?

I don't know about you, but when I look back on my conversion I don't see an event quite like the one described in our text today. Because I placed my trust in Christ at an early age, my life didn't take quite as drastic a turn as Saul's either. What I do have in common with the apostle is that my sins were forgiven-all my sins, big and small-and I have the freedom and opportunity to continue walking in faithful obedience.

Death Breeds Life

March 29, 2009 ?Fifth Sunday in Lent (B) John 12:20-33 Many people walk through life believing that the key to an abundant life is what the world defines as success. They seek only after the desires of their flesh, all the while being deceived into thinking they'll be fulfilled. Even Christians often find themselves in despair, giving in to their flesh, unable to avoid the patterns of this world. If only we could grasp fully what Jesus teaches in this text, that death to self is life abundant.

Stay Focused on the Promise

December 7, 2008 2nd Sunday of Advent (B) 2 Peter 3:8-15a I enjoy traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures and the peculiarities that distinguish cultures. I enjoy the different architectures and landscapes that distinguish one country from the next. And I enjoy the time away from my routine.

Amazed by Grace

November 30, 2008 1st Sunday of Advent (B) 1 Corinthians 1:3-9 Decorating the house, writing cards, shopping for gifts, Christmas tree hunting, grocery lists, preparations for guests or preparations for travel I know, a million things need to get done within only a limited number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Busyness, lots of busyness, and all these things need our attention in addition to our already busy schedules.

True Enlightenment

November 23, 1008 Christ the King (A) Ephesians 1:15-23 When we hear the word enlightenment it conjures up all kinds of images-everything from a meditating, levitating contemplative to a pointy-eared, short, green sage offering young Skywalker wisdom in a formal, un-contracted and awkward grammar to a period in history characterized by reason as the primary source of authority and an optimistic view of human ability.

The 2005 Survey Of The Best Software For Preachers

Several weeks ago, I took a short-term missions trip with my church to Eastern Europe. I decided to pack light and carry on my luggage, thereby avoiding the hassle of losing it to that dark abyss (otherwise referred to as "checked baggage"). Packing light meant taking little more for reading than...