Too Good to be True

Sometimes the resurrection seems to good to be true, but this Easter sermon challenges us to be the living proof. The world needs an appearance of Jesus and a word from Him. Will it come from you and me?

A Child is Born!

Isaiah's prophecy foretold the birth of a child who would be called "Everlasting Father." This Christmas sermon makes the connection between the Child and the Father and reminds us to rejoice in our "Everlasting Father who listens to us and provides for us. He grants to us what we need. And He knows what we need better than we know what we need. To borrow from a sitcom of the 1950s, 'the Everlast­ing Father Knows Best!'"

Come To The Party

Exodus 2:11-20 Matthew 22:1-10 The Lord Jesus enjoyed a good party, like most of us. A casual reading of the Four Gospels reveals this about Jesus. In fact, because He went to parties and seemed to enjoy them, He was accused by the religious establishment of being a drunkard and a glutton. He

Supply Or Demand?

Psalm 23:1-6 Here's a question for us to consider: Is it possible that we have it all wrong? I'll come back to the question in just a moment, but for now, I ask you to ponder it as I move us closer to seeking its answer. Is it possible that we have it all wrong? Psalm 23 is perh

The Christmas Caravan On The Move

This sermon starts with the visit of the Magi and then asks, "What next?" Where did they go after encountering Jesus, what did they do? Surely whereever they went they proclaimed what they had seen: that the Light of the world had come, that God had come to us. We are called to do the same.

Take A Walk On The Wild-Water Side

Matthew 14:22-33 Mary Irwin, wife of former astronaut Jim Irwin, produced a book entitled Seeing the Invisible. Her words challenge people to live a life of faith with Christ, affirming the possibility of a continual awareness of the Lord's presence. The Lord is...

Dinner On The Grounds!

Matthew 14:13-21 Danny Bush entitles a chapter in his book Invitation to the Feast, "Dinner on the Grounds." One of my earliest memories is a "dinner on the grounds" at an associational meeting some 45 years ago. That Tuesday afternoon there were four wagons parked beside that small country church, each...

Show Me The Kingdom!

Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 Remember the line from the movie, Jerry McGuire? "Show me the money!" Some have used it in stewardship campaigns. How about another line that can be utilized in a kingdom campaign? "Show me the kingdom!" In essence that is what the crowds wanted Jesus to do. His disciples...

Love For One Another

John 13:31-35 Love can be a very complicated thing. On this particular Sunday, which is Mother's Day, we not only honor our mothers and celebrate the memory of those whose faith is now sight, we also take advantage of a moment to hear a timely reminder from Jesus. I sense it has been expressed through...