Wonderfully Made for the Journey (Baccalaureate)

You have been wonderfully made for the journey to all those places you will go. I pray you realize that and trust you do so with humility. You are to be cheered for your many accomplishments and the manner in which you have conducted yourselves during the course of your high school journey, especially during this past year. As a result of what you've experienced and what you've learned, you have some of the stuff that is necessary for making the trip to all those places you will go in life.

Witnessing With Those Who’ve Made It

Luke 19:1-10 Let's face it. There are a lot of folks around who have made it big financially. According to Forbes.com, in 2005 there were 691 billionaires on planet Earth, with a collective worth of more than $2 trillion. Just so you'll know: none of them is a member of our church!