I Shall Come Forth as Gold

If you've been through a tough time and seen God to work in your situation -- the fact that these things have happened to you, these lessons, with God's strength and power, the whole package is so different from the road walked by pagans who don't know where the road goes -- and you aren't bitter but better is proof positive that you are a card-carrying member of the family of God.

The Way of Wisdom, Part 2

James MacDonald continues to stir the pot, challenging the traditional view on God's will, which says God has a detailed specific individual will for each of His children - and if it's not figured out precisely, there are grave consequences. Learn why Pastor James believes God's sovereignty extends to those areas we've sought to make a choice that pleases Him and reflects His wisdom.

Wise Up About Wisdom

Life is made up of choices. Wisdom is the best choice with the best result in every situation. Do you want to know how to get wisdom? Tune in as Pastor James teaches you how to attain this virtue.