Squeezed or Transformed?

Squeezed or Transformed? (February, 2003 POL) Topic: Transformation Author: James A. Harnish, Hyde Park United Methodist Church, Tampa FL Title: Squeezed or Transformed? Text: Romans 12:1-8 Let's begin with an object lesson this morning. This is a toothpaste tube. I'm prepared to confess this m


Have you seen those little books that say, "You might be a redneck if"? Well, I've put together a little list for us here, just to check us out. You may have a "me" addiction if you have, let's say in the last six months: pulled into a parking space ahead of the retired guy in the white Buick with the Michigan license plate who had...

Christmas: The Nightmare After Christmas

Sometimes "the world out-Herods Herod." The nightmare after Christmas is the symbol of the ghastly power of evil which contradicts the goodness, and love, and life of God. And if you listen, you can still hear Rachel weeping for her children. Yet, in Jesus, this Christmas sermon proclaims, we have God's promise that iin the fullness of God's redemptive purpose, the brokenness of our lives will be healed, too.