Hope: Christmas Is Hope Matthew 1:18-25

"Why haven't you given up on us, God?" asks this sermon. Because, He answers, I came once as a Surprise Package in Bethlehem's barn, and I will come again to Every Waiting Heart who dares to wear my blood upon His door. For I have Hope in those who repent, who turn from their sinful ways and follow

Confession: Banqueting in Bad Company

It is a scene relished by the modern artist. Dali or Picasso would have made good work of it. Imagine an overloaded dinner table positioned directly in front of one's foes. There it is, evidence that the contradiction is still at work -- banqueting in bad company. It has been now a few years since my best friend turned on me. He did it first with subtlety, then with an open slash of malice. His bitings dug deeply, not only into my flesh but that of my family as well.