Preaching the Letters of John

When persuaded to preach on the Johannine materials in the New Testament, most of us center our preaching on texts from the Gospel of John or the Revelation of John. We can easily overlook the Letters of John.T...

Advent: The Return to Paradise Text: Isaiah 11:1-10

According to this sermon, there is something about the past that attracts each one of us, a deep longing to return to a better time. No wonder that Christmas and Advent seem so marvelous to us. We are getting ready for the One who brings a new world. We are preparing for the One who recreates the old Paradise for all of us. When He is finished, when He is done with us, He has created in us a new innocence, a new peace, a new harmony.

Preaching From I and II Peter

The issues and concerns of persons today are found in the pages of Scripture. No matter how distant we are from the experiences of New Testament Christians, those writings are still relevant to the issues which...

Christmas: Keep Christmas Going

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could keep the special sense of Christmas joy all the year long?" We can, this Christmas sermon insists, if we take to heart Pauls' teaching about life in the body of Christ from Colossians 3.