Theological Thoughts from a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are threatening, but the theology surrounding them can be thrilling! The term theological refers to something that is of or pertaining to the field of theology. Theology is the study of the nature of God and true religion. This word comes from a combination of two words, theo meaning "God" and logy meaning "study."

Don’t Miss the Messiah!

Scholars refer to the Book of Psalms as "Humanity's Hymnbook." There are many messianic psalms predicting certain events in the life of our Lord. Someone quipped that the Bible is actually a "Him book," because from Genesis to Revelation it is all about Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the Gospel’s Sake

The highest service of man on earth is sharing the gospel. The Biblical Illustrator, edited by Rev. Joseph Samuel Exell (1849-1909) says, "The services of men on earth embrace a large variety. There is the service of the agriculturalist, the mechanic, the mariner, the merchant, the scientist, the legislator, the kingMen esteem these services as differing widely in respectability and honor; but the service referred to in the text stands infinitely above all."

The Cross of Christ

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, senior pastor of Moody Memorial Church in Chicago, Ill., shares in his book Why the Cross Can Do What Politics Can't, "Many pastors no longer preach about God's holiness and man's depravity, arguing that we must speak to the 'felt needs' of the day. Thus much contemporary preaching centers on relationships within the family, how to conquer depression, and how to have a better self-image. The focus is on how Christ can help a person be a better businessman or career woman rather than on our need to prepare for heaven and face the final judgment. We are told that if we want to be relevant, we must 'scratch people where they itch.'

The Great Transaction

Dr. Philip Doddridge (1702-1751) began the third stanza of his hymn "O Happy Day!": "''Tis done: the great transaction's done! I am the Lord's and He is mine." The term transaction means "something that is transacted, esp. a business deal or negotiation." Allow me to point out three elements of the great transaction.

Pay It Upward!

Maybe you have heard the phrase "pay it forward." The expression "pay it forward" has come to describe the concept of asking that a person repay a good turn by having it done to others instead of "paid back." When someone does something good for you, in turn you do something good for someone else -- not a bad way to generate a conspiracy of kindness. I understand that some plan to designate Thursday, April 29, 2010, as "Pay It Forward Day."