Engaging Well: Staying Faithful in Faithless Times

Many years ago, the apostle Paul confronted a Christless culture in Athens, Greece. Yet his challenge on that day is identical to the challenge we face in our culture. How do we remain faithful in faithless times? How can we connect with culture without becoming trapped or ruined by the culture?

Sermons that Stick

Most of you have 30 to 45 minutes each week to speak into the lives of every person who attends your church. You can't spend 30 minutes each week with every person in the church personally applyng God's Word to God's people, but you do have an opportunity to open up the Word of God and speak into their lives each week. It is the prospect that all teaching pastors have to make a message stick because they are applying eternal truth to earthly circumstances. The hope is that the time is used by God to shape lives and influence the direction of the congregation by clarifying who God is, what He wants from us and what He has done for us in Christ.