Preaching Like Billy Graham (Or Maybe Not)

I have met Billy Graham twice. The first time was during my time in seminary, when Dr. Graham spoke at our chapel. So many people showed up that day that the seminary had to set up a remote video site in the music chapel. That's where I got stuck. In his sermon, Graham began by saying that he had ten points he wanted to cover. He got to only five before time ran out.

Shine The Light

2 Corinthians 4:3-6 In his book Just Like Jesus Max Lucado tells about a lady who lived about a hundred years ago. Although she was wealthy she was tight with her money. That is why neighbors were surprised when they saw workmen installing wires for electricity. Several weeks later the meter reader...

The Divine “Yes”

2 Corinthians 1:18-22 Imagine a preacher who preached an estimated sixty thousand sermons. He also wrote many books, two of which sold over a million copies. His ministry took him around the world many times. Yet even with those credentials and accomplishments, when he faced the possibility of dying...


God played chess with the devil. And the pieces were human beings. The devil was ahead until God became one of the pieces. "Check," said the devil at Golgotha. Three days later God replied, "Checkmate!" This Easter message focuses on God's ability to break through any barrier.

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Losses Habakkuk 1-3

What are you going to lose for Thanksgiving? This sermon isn't talking about pounds; it offers insight into three other "losses" which are to our benefit when it comes to Thanksgiving: Lose the calculator mentality, lose the mercenary mindset, and lose the isolationist attitude,