Collaborative Preaching: Gathering Other Voices in Sermon Preparation

There is one comment preachers long to hear after they preach a sermon: "I felt like God was speaking to me directly through you." When this happens, the preacher knows he or she has been to be able to articulate the particular situation of the parishioner and respond with the appropriate word from God. There are several things a preacher can do to help achieve this.

God Our Hope In Ages Past

Isaiah 40:1-11, 29-31 It is so tempting in a passage like Is 40:1-11 to read it immediately through the lens of the New Testament. But today I am going to try to avoid this temptation and look at it first and primarily in its original Old Testament context; as hard as that may be for a New Test

Wanted: A Passionate People For God

Mark 3:1-6 (Delivered at Hope Community Congregational Church) Mk 3:1-6 is the fifth of five stories which Mark strings together in Mk 2:1-3:6. Each story demonstrates Jesus' authority over the Law and Jewish tradition. The religious leaders steadily increase their ...