What Does It Mean to Be Filled with the Spirit?

I don't know of anyone who's more magnetic or more attractive than an authentic Christian. The longer I live, the higher priority I place on authenticity. As an authentic believer, you live what you believe. You speak the truth. You love generously. You admit failure quickly.

Discovering Church

Let's enter an imaginary time tunnel and journey back about 20 centuries. As we do, remember that in the place we find ourselves there is no United States of America. The modern civilizations of Europe, Australia and Canada, as well as other contemporary cultures do not exist. Even the nation of Israel looks completely different.

A Battle for Integrity

I must tell you that I have been troubled regarding the face of things in our country and within the family of God. My major battle has had to do with one word, one concept. My battle has to do with integrity.

Going Fishing

Billy Wilder, the great movie producer, openly admitted: "I have a vast and terrible desire never to bore an audience." With tacit agreement, Jack Parr, the father of late-night television, once declared: "The ...