God Is The Hero Of The Story

I am grateful for the observation of New York City Pastor Tim Keller that when we preach the message of redemption from all the scriptures, we speak with particular power for a post-modern generation because of its appetite for story. That appetite is not always whetted by Biblical perspectives,

The Fallen Condition Focus And The Purpose Of The Sermon

Determining a sermons subject is half done when a preacher has discerned what the biblical writer was saying. We do not fully understand the subject until we have also determined its purpose. It is too easy to preach on a doctrinal topic or an exegetical insight without considering the spiritual burden of...

Advent: Tinsel for Twigs (Jeremiah 33:(14b) 15-16)

As tinsel can decorate even a twig with beauty, our heavenly Father covers our shame with His glory. It is so typical of our God to make the forlorn glorious. Ultimately it's the message of Christmas, and the message of this passage, that God provides tinsel for twigs; the ignored, the ugly, the despised of this world He decorates with a special beauty.