February 19, 2012: The Prayer God Is Pleased to Answer

A dejected church member said, "Prayer does not work; I tried that!" Indeed, prayer is not a charm for those who know the magic words. It is not self-seeking prayer, ritual prayer or careless prayer that God honors; but God answers prayer. A focus on Elisha in this passage will help us learn the way of prayer that God is pleased to answer.

February 12, 2012: How Sin Is Forgiven

The world is full of Naamans. They are great and commendable people, but they are lost in sin. They are not lepers; but they are eaten up with a plague worse than leprosy. That ancient plague is a fitting picture of the incurable disease of the soul-sin. Just as Naaman was cleansed of his malady, so you may be healed of every sin. How was Naaman cleansed? How may you be cured of sin?