I Want to Know

10.05.08 Proper 22 Philippians 3:4-13 It always makes for interesting conversation when you're engaged in dialogue with someone who can "one-up" your story. You know the scenari you share one of your great achievements in life, an outstanding vacation you've taken or even a life-changing moment you've been a part of-only to have the other person tell you a story that expresses how his experience was better than yours.

A Better Way to Live

09.28.08 Proper 21 Philippians 2:1-13 Not too long ago I was engaged in a friendly-but serious-theological discussion with a dear friend. We had both outlined our points and kindly presented our cases from our respective vantage points. After ending in a stalemate, as these things often do, I wanted to ensure that my motives were pure and I had properly communicated my feelings. I proceeded to relay the entire conversation to my wife, presenting all my convincing points.