2 Timothy 3:14-4:5

up $20 bill) Can you tell me whether this $20 bill is counterfeit or the real
thing? A recent news article in the Commercial Appeal stated that it’s getting
harder and harder to identify counterfeit from the real thing due to the advanced
computers and printers.

this passage Paul is warning Timothy about the seducers, the liars and deceivers
of the gospel who bring deception and false doctrine into the church. He is warning
Timothy of the cults and false teachers who will cause things to go from bad to
worse in these last days when millions of people will not recognize the difference
in the counterfeit and the real thing. What did Paul command Timothy to do in
these last days? What are we to do in these last days of deception, desertion
and darkness?

Persist in the timeless truths (vv.14-17)

is urged to “keep on keeping on” in the scriptures which he had been
taught from his childhood. The Word of God had been instilled in his heart by
his mother and grandmother.

this world is filled with so much anti-family and anti-God. Our young people are
taught to deny the authority of their parents, as well as the Word of God.

often, I hear parents say, “I don’t know what went wrong with my son or my
daughter.” “I don’t understand why they are so rebellious.” Yet
they will say they do not want to force moral values or the truths of God’s Word
on them. Parents, you had better start teaching your children moral values at
an early age, or somebody else will capture their minds and hearts before you
even realize what happened.

is telling Timothy, “Remember what you have learned.” Timothy was to
remain firmly rooted in the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Spirit would give him the
confidence and trust needed in the coming days. We must abide in the truth as
the moral character of our daily lives. We must walk in the truth as the moral
conduct of our daily lives.

timeless truths will give us faith and hope, even when the storms of life come,
bringing the winds of adversity. But thanks be to God who gives victory through
the Lord Jesus. Therefore, we stand upon the solid rock of Zion which is Jesus
who never moves and always gives us the power to withstand the tests of time.
And we must faithfully build on this firm foundation which is Christ Jesus with
every truth as a guard or reinforcement.

Proclaim the Savior (vv. 4:1-5)

a Christian, you will stand in the presence of the Jesus as the Divine Judge.
Are you looking forward to that day when Jesus will come again, when we will fall
at His feet and worship Him as Savior and Lord? Will He be able to say to you,
“Well done, thou good and faithful servant?” and not, “Depart from
Me I never knew you?” When you stand before Jesus, will He be your Savior
or your judge?

are some of you sitting in this room who have heard and know the truth about how
Jesus died for you sins, and He is calling you to turn from your sins and come
to Him. But you have refused to listen and with itching ears have chosen to turn
from the truth and believe a lie. It is heartbreaking to see those who know the
truth and have chose to believe a lie.

is not always going to be easy to speak for Jesus. We must be willing to endure
the afflictions and hardships which may come our way, as we spread the good news
of the gospel and bring others to Christ. We must have the burning desire to speak
the truth that others may be delivered from the cunning craftiness of men who
are lying ready to deceive. As we do, we will demonstrate the ministry which God
has called you to do with honor and glory to His name.


brief provided by: 
James G. Moore, Lake Cormorant, MS; Cory Cain, Jackson, TN

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