When I was doing some missionary work in a large city, evenings were spent with a wealthy host family. They treated me in luxury. Every night, we drank craft coffee, ate wonderful food, relaxed by the pool, and capped of our evenings by a warm fire. There were mints on my pillows and sweet-smelling soaps and aromas in the restroom. Every morning began with French-pressed coffee and a breakfast fit for a king. If there was ever a time when I felt like royalty, that was it!

However, that stay with my host family, while luxurious and comfortable, was temporary—and was nothing compared to the riches we gain when we come to know Jesus.

What we often forget is that when we come to know Jesus, we’re adopted into the family of God. The text before us teaches us about the many aspects of our adoption into God’s family.

Our Adoption Was Planned Ages Ago
Before He created this world, God the Father planned to adopt us into His family. He set His love on us long before we were thoughts in the minds of our biological parents! Think about this great truth: The God of the universe, who created galaxies and planets simply by speaking, wanted us to be part of His eternal plan. How exciting! God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us to make a path for us—to become His sons and daughters.

To know that we were in the mind of the Father before creation is such a rich blessing. It empowers us to live with excitement and joy.

Our Adoption Sets Us Free
Because of Christ’s death on the cross, we are set free from the chief penalty of sin: separation from God. When we were children of the world, we were in bondage. We followed the ways of the world, which led us into destruction. Because we have been adopted into God’s family, we’re set free to live for Him. As Jesus said, those whom the Son sets free are free indeed (John 8:36)!

We are free to live abundant lives that bring praise and glory to the Father who has set us free from the bondage of this world.

Our Adoption Gives Us a Purpose
Our freedom isn’t without purpose, however. Our Father has incredible plans for our lives—first that we will testify to His glory in our own unique ways. He’s using our lives to accomplish His purpose for this world. When we were children of this world, we were aimless and purposeless, seeking only to satisfy ourselves. Yet as children of the Most High King, He instills within us the desire to live for Him and tell others of His lavish love.

As a Christian, you are not without purpose. Your life and path mean something to your heavenly Father. We need to remember that even when our lives may seem aimless, the very fact that we are adopted into God’s family means we have purpose.

Our Adoption Testifies of the Coming Kingdom
God has some incredible plans for this world—and we’re part of it! This world will be restored, redeemed and recreated. Christ will establish His kingdom on Earth, and all the death, destruction and sin that we’re accustomed to will cease to exist. God has marked us with His Holy Spirit as those who will participate with Him in His coming kingdom.

Often in our lives, we dwell on the poor circumstances of the present without pondering the glorious realities of the future, but our Father has invited us to become co-participants with Him in redemption and to enjoy the new creation. We have a blessed future to anticipate!

As sons and daughters of the King, we have a purpose on Earth: to live as His disciples who love others, serve others and—most of all—live lives in honor and glory to our Father.

Ben Espinoza, pastor, Community Life at Covenant Church in Bowling Green, Ohio.


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