John 16:12-15

few months ago my wife and I drove separately to a retreat center in Hot Springs,
Arkansas. Because I was preaching a Sunday night service 200 miles away, my
wife decided to leave home early and make her way to the hotel. She had some
difficulty finding her way, but eventually she made it in safely.

hours later I drove into town and experienced the same difficulties she had
in finding the hotel. So I called her on my cell phone and she guided me through
town, directing me at each turn and intersection. Step-by-step, she helped me
find my way to the hotel.
She was my guide.

verse 13 of this passage, the Holy Spirit is called our guide. How does the
Holy Spirit guide you and me?

giving guidance in steps and not all at once. (v. 12)

states that He has “many things” to say to His disciples, but that
they are unable to “bear” them now. The Holy Spirit is assigned the
task of communicating truth and insight that we need from Jesus every day – but
not all at once.

when I needed directions from my wife to the hotel, I could not handle a list
of detailed instructions while driving and holding a cell phone. I could not
“bear” too much information in that circumstance. So in much the way
my wife guided me, the Spirit guides us to our destination.

understands that we are weak and limited in our ability to process and apply
truth. As the Holy Spirit continues the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, He
guides us incrementally – step by step. The Apostle Paul would later caution
us to walk with Spirit (Galatians 5:16) in this way: by keeping in step with
Him on a moment-by-moment basis (Galatians 5:25).

helping us apply the truth daily to our lives and decisions. (v. 13)

will guide you into all truth,” does not mean into new truths, but into
the entire sphere or realm of existing truth. The Holy Spirit helps us understand
the teachings of Jesus Christ, and then apply those teachings to daily decisions
and lifestyle choices.

instantly communicating Christ’s messages to us. (v.13)

wish Jesus would send you an instant message?

messaging is popular among internet users, especially teenagers. My kids often
“talk” to their friends online by typing a message into a box on the
computer screen. Then by pressing a button, the message is sent instantly to
their friend, who usually types a reply.

a non-user in the family (like me) will ask whoever is on the computer to say
“hello” for us while they are “instant messaging” their
friends back and forth. That “hi” is not from the child typing the
message – it’s from me

a similar way, the Holy Spirit instantly messages only what Christ is saying
to us. He does not speak for Himself, but passes along what Jesus is saying
(“whatever He hears He will speak”).

focusing our attention on Christ, not on Himself. (v. 14-15)

verse 14, Jesus said the Holy Spirit would glorify Him. How? By only taking
His teachings and instructions and passing them along to us. Then, as if that
wasn’t remarkable enough, Jesus adds that those teachings and instructions
are also the Father’s too.

to some contemporary Bible teachers, the Holy Spirit does not exist to call
attention to Himself – He desires to glorify and call attention to Christ.
Do I want more of the Spirit’s influence and direction in my life? Then
all I need do is set my heart to know more of Christ.


brief provided by: Don Pucik, Associate Executive Director of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention,
Little Rock, AR

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