Drew Nathan Dyck
Thomas Nelson, 2014, 224 p., $13.59

Drew Dyck is greatly burdened that the church is slowly losing sight of the true holiness and nature of God. His new book Yawning at Tigers explains how the modern Christian has started to domesticate our Almighty God. Dyck wrote this book to challenge Christians to re-immerse themselves in the true nature and character of the Lord.

Dyck has observed the church is experiencing spiritual amnesia and is losing its awe, reverence and fear of the Lord because members are losing sight of how grand the Lord is. The Lord’s holiness demands our fear and worship. In fact, Dyck says we can’t begin to consider God’s grace apart from realizing His holiness. Dyck has observed that in Christians’ attempt to make the Bible more interesting and understandable, they have painted a picture of a tamable God. A lot of this has to do with the fact the church has lost sight of the transcendence and immanence of our unique God. Dyck’s mission is to awaken pastors to the holiness and love of God so their congregations will be in awe of the Lord.

Dyck includes in-depth discussion questions, challenges and applications for each chapter at the end of the book. This book would be best utilized as curriculum for small groups or as a resource for a church member who wants to study the nature of God more thoroughly.

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