The purpose of the book Why Churches Die: Diagnosing Lethal Poisons in the Body of Christ (B&H) “is to expose the diseases, poisons and ailments found in almost epidemic proportions in virtually every church.” Authors Mac Brunson (First Baptist, Dallas) and Ergun Caner (Liberty University) discuss the symptoms of these church-borne infections, diagnose a cure and offer a biblical prognosis. Pastors and church leaders will benefit from the insights offered and are likely to recognize one or more of the ailments discussed.

In their chapter “Atrophy: Shrunken Faith and Coasting on the Past,” the authors write: “Spiritual atrophy—the deterioration of your spiritual muscles from lack of use—is such an insidious disease and poison that it afflicts virtually every Christian at one time or another. Resting on our laurels and rejoicing in victories long since fought is so winsome that entire churches have been built on this disease! They have become mausoleums to yesterday and museums to display revivals long ago, rather than sacred places where men and women seek the face of God daily.”

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