James S. Stewart, Walking with God.
Edited by Gordon Grant.
Vancouver: Regent College Publishing, 2006.
Paper, 219 pages. ISBN 1-57383-380-0

James S. Stewart was one of the premier preaching voices of the twentieth century, and Walking with God brings us a collection of many of Stewart’s outstanding sermons in a single volume.

This collection was originally published in 1996 in the U.K., but did not receive wide circulation in the U.S.  Dallas pastor Kurt Johanson – a big Stewart fan – took it upon himself to find a publisher to release the book for a wider audience. All fans of great preaching can thank him and Regent College Publishing for their efforts.

The book contains thirty excellent Stewart sermons, including “Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land,” “The Rending of the Veil,” “The Crown Rights of Jesus” and many more messages that will encourage us as believers and inform us in the use of powerful language to drive home biblical truth.

Great preachers learn by hearing and reading the work of other great preachers. There are few more valuable to study than Stewart, and this collection is a valuable starting point.

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