(InterVarsity Press, 2003)


“Worship is at once about why we are, about who or what our god is and about how we choose to live.” With those words, Harold M. Best begins this excellent book, which will be welcomed by those who are concerned with the state of worship in the church today.

Best helps readers move beyond thinking of worship in terms of musical styles and liturgical formats to see worship in a more holistic way. He defines worship as “the continuous outpouring of all that I am, all that I can do and all that I can ever become in light of a chosen or choosing god.” As the definition makes clear, all human beings are worshipers at all times; the critical question is how and whom they worship.

Best deals with worship as it relates to the life of the believer and the church, its relationship to preaching, music and the arts. It is a well-written and interesting book that will enable the reader to think about the role of worship in his or her own life.

Eugene Peterson observes, “Worship is simply the most important action in which any of us will ever engage. Harold Best tells us why.”

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