Thomas C. Oden’s book A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir (IVP Academic) traces Oden’s transformation from the ardent embrace of theological liberalism to an even more ardent embrace of the classical and continuing tradition of orthodox Christian theology. In this memoir Oden combines the keenest autobiographical insights with the most perceptive theological analysis.

In his annual survey of the past year’s best books for preachers, Al Mohler says the book “takes the reader where Thomas Oden has been, bringing the reader into a conversation with some of the seminal theological minds of the 20th century and walking the reader through the tumultuous decades of Thomas Oden’s own lifespan. By any measure, these have been some of the most consequential and controversial in the history of the Christian church. More than anything else, this book will help every preacher come to a deeper understanding of what it means to embrace biblical Christianity, even in the face of a highly secularized age.”

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