Easter approaching, we will once again be offered a variety of
perspectives in the traditional seasonal stories in American
newsmagazines. (Every year at Easter and Christmas, Time and Newsweek
rediscover the church.) For those interested in a more substatntive
treatment of the debate over the resurrection, The Resurrection Of Jesus
(Fortress Press) will be of real value. Subtitled “John Dominic
Crossan and N.T. Wright in Dialogue,” the fascinating volume grew out
of a dialogue between these two widely-known theologians – Crossan,
who denies that the resurrection was a historical event, and Wright,
who affirms the historical reality of the resurrection – on the
campus of New Orleans Baptist Seminary. In addition to material by
Crossan and Wright, the book includes essays on the resurrection by
several evangelical scholars. Edited by Robert Stewart, this volume
will be a useful look at the scholarly discussion.

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