Jeremy R. Treat’s book The Crucified King—Atonement and Kingdom in Biblical and Systematic Theology (Zondervan) will be of tremendous benefit to every preacher. Far too many approaches to biblical theology take a singular theme as the methodological focus and trace that theme, often at the expense of the fullness of the biblical testimony. In particular, recent attempts at biblical theology have tended to swing between the polarities of the kingdom and atonement. R. Albert Mohler observes: “Treat, who has experience as both a pastor and a professor, has written a book that is a tour de force in biblical theology, tracing the relationship between atonement and kingdom as they unfold in redemptive history. Given the task preachers face—the task of preaching every text of Scripture within the context of the entire canon—this kind of scholarship, reverent exegesis, and insightful theological application is exactly what every preacher should be aware of.”

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