Fred Craddock is one of the most influential homileticians of recent years, and is also an exceptional preacher in his own right. The Collected Sermons of Fred B. Craddock (Westminster John Knox) gathers more than 50 of his sermons in one volume, including titles such as “Only One God, but Just in Case,” “Does Money Carry Germs?,” “Looking Around During the Prayer” and “Throwing Away the Good Stuff.” Those who have heard Craddock preach will resonate with the questions Barbara Brown Taylor asks in the Foreword: “How does he use such simple language to convey such luminous and sometimes difficult truths? How does he see the sorts of things we all see — people eating in restaurants, children pushing each other around — and see more than we can see? How does he say what he sees so that it goes straight to the heart?” Readers of this volume will come a bit closer to the answers to those questions.

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