Pastors with a more philosophical bent will enjoy Taking Pascal’s Wager: Faith, Evidence and the Abundant Life (IVP Academic) by Michael Rota. Rota argues that Pascal’s wager– a classic argument for the existence of God–is still relevant in the 21st century, and engages a variety of themes including decision theory, the problem of evil, the historicity of the resurrection, miracles and much more. As William Lane Craig says, the book is “rigorous but readable” and “challenges the mind while appealing to the heart.”

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Michael Duduit is the founding publisher and editor of Preaching magazine. He is also the founding Dean of the new College of Christian Studies and Professor of Christian Ministry at Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina. Michael is author and editor of several books, including the Handbook of Contemporary Preaching (Broadman & Holman Press), Joy in Ministry (Baker Books), Preaching With Power (Baker) and Communicate With Power (Baker). From 1996 until 2000 he served as editor of the Abingdon Preaching Annual series. His email newsletter, PreachingNow, is read each week by more than 40,000 pastors and church leaders in the U.S. and around the world. He is founder and director of the National Conference on Preaching and the International Congress on Preaching, which has been held in 1997 at Westminster Chapel in London, 2002 at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and 2007at Cambridge. He has been a pastor and associate pastor, has served a number of churches as interim pastor, and speaks regularly for churches, colleges and conferences.

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