We all love engaging with the Word of God. They are His Words to us, preserved for thousands of years. They are “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12), “breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). That is why as believers, we spend time every day reading from the text in order to know God more, and in light of our knowledge of Him, know ourselves better, including our desperate need to place all of our hope, faith, and trust in Him and Him alone.

We can engage with Him and His Words in so many ways. We can read the text on our phones, on our computers, in our study Bibles, in our reader Bibles, etc. And when we love cross referencing text, or reading study notes, then reading from a “normal” full text Bible is the way to go. Recently I have been exposed to Crossway’s ESV Scripture Journal and have been thoroughly pleased. In fact, when reading through a book of the Bible, having a morning quiet time, or studying a book of the Bible in depth, this is my preferred way to read the text.

In the past when I studied a book of the Bible in-depth I pasted the text into a document, made the margins two inches wide and double spaced the text. I printed it out, bound it and dug in. Well the Scripture journal does this for me, but so much better. The Scripture journals are individual books of the Bible bound together in a single book (except for short books of the Bible, where several are combined). So for the 27 books of the New Testament, the ESV Scripture Journal New Testament Set comes with 19 individually bound books. It is so easy now to reach for the set, pull out the Gospel of Matthew, and dig in.

So not only is the entirety of books of the Bible bound in individual books, but there is an entire blank page opposite the text. So basically you have the text on the left page, and a blank lined page on the right side. The ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal Set, instead of a lined page, has a lightly dotted blank page opposite the text to encourage creativity in journaling and drawing as it relates to the text.

These are thin, portable notebooks that are ideal for study, small groups, or a great idea that Crossway has is to use it when your pastor is preaching through a particular book of the Bible.

The set comes in a slip case that displays beautifully on a desk or in a bookcase. I am a big fan of the Scripture Journals and think you will enjoy them as well!

You can find more information and order a copy in the following locations:
ESV Scripture Journal Set
ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal Set

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